Thursday, August 13, 2015

Drop Cloth Tassel Bed Skirt

I saw two bed skirts online.  I like both of them.  My first choice is the tassel one.  But I think, it looks best with white bedding. The white bedding with the color of the tassels is just so pretty.  I don't have white bedding.  And I really am not wanting to buy white bedding. 
And I like the rustic look of this simple DIY painters drop cloth bed skirt.  It is a neutral color and would go with any color or pattern bedding.
  I decided to try the painters drop cloth and make my own tassels and see what happens.
Home Depot for less than $20.00

 I cut the drop cloth straight down the middle.  That gave me two 15 ft pieces.  I started at the top of the box springs and hot glued it down.  Then I just folded over a little fabric, to make a ruffle and hot glued it to the box springs.  I have always hot glued my bed skirts to the box springs. No one will ever see it and it helps hold it in place.  I went all the way to the middle of the foot.  I have a cedar chest that is at the foot of my bed, so I just cut the cloth and glued it in a spot behind the chest.

I googled how to make the tassels.  Very, very quick and simple.  I then spaced and hot glued them several inches apart.  I did go back and remove the pink ones.  There were just too many colors.  I then slid the mattress over and did the other side, stopping in the middle.
  I like it and it cost less than $25.00 for a king size bed skirt.  Works for me.  :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Being my crafty self, I am always looking for a new craft to conquer.  I can spend hours on Pinterest, looking for something easy and inexpensive. I see these really cute fairy gardens, made from broken Terra Cotta flower pots, succulents and little fairy figurines.  Here is the one that made me think, I want to try and copy.

Here is my stab at making one. 
I had one large pot that was already cracked

I broke it a little more.
I broke another pot to try and get some small pieces to use as steps.  It is hard to get the pieces to break to the exact size you need. And I hate breaking the pots and then only to realize I can't make this work, and it's all trash.  :(  Also, you can see, I have my ipad outside, so I can keep looking at the picture, I am trying to copy. 
Looking good.  But I am not sure what's going to stop the dirt from coming out from under the steps once it rains.  Maybe it will stay compact.  We shall see.

Ta-da.  Hmmm.  I like it.  I think I need more practice.  But, yeah, I will make another one.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Monster Spray

Plastic bottle from the Dollar Tree, add a few stickers, a set of googly eyes, add some water and VIOLA, you have Monster Spray.

You can spray under the bed, in the closets, or wherever those pesky scary monsters hid.

It couldn't be any easier.  Or any less expensive.  But the memories you will make spraying monsters is well...priceless.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ruffled Curtains

I want a new bed skirt.  To be exact, this is the bed skirt I want, but it cost more than I want to spend.  So, my next thought is, I can try and make it myself.  But, I don't know how and have never made a bed skirt, much less a ruffled bed skirt.
I came across a tutorial for a ruffled curtain.  Yes, start small and see if I can do it. 
   I think it came out pretty good.  And only cost about $10.00  :)
I want to make one more small curtain, just to try and work out the kinks before I start out on the dust ruffle for the bed.  Wish me luck.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Punch A Present

Here is another easy, fun project to do.  I found this Punch A Present idea on Pinterest.

I made it for something more along the lines of the game on the Price Is Right, where you punch a hole and hope for more money than the last hole punched.
My oldest granddaughter is spending a couple of nights with us, so I thought it would be the perfect fun thing to do with her. 

Just a large cardboard box from a store.
I used a saucer to trace and cut the circles.
I glued pieces of cardboard behind each hole, to set the presents on.  But that didn't work, the cardboard bent backwards.  I had some small craft sticks, hot glued them to hold up the cardboard.
Worked like a charm.
Outside for quick spray of white paint.
I used red and green tissue to cover the holes.  Then I realized, when the hole was punched, the gift might fall off the shelf.  So, hmm, what to do, what to do.  I took some scrap cardboard and sort of made a wall.  Worked perfectly
I traced some letters and painted them red and green.  I added some Christmas pompoms for a more festive look. 
I will let her punch one hole, then she will decide to keep the gift or trade it in for a chance at a better gift.  They are just small little presents, with the big gift costing $10.00.  The rest were under $5.00.
  I have made a memory for her and I am sure she will enjoy it.
...on to my next project. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stick Christmas Tree

I am a trash to treasure kind of girl.  Why spend a lot of money, when I can gather a few items, use a little (sometimes a lot) of elbow grease and create something unique and different.  I came across this Christmas-Tree-To-Go  made from sticks and Christmas odds and ends.  How hard can it be?  ...not hard at all.

The page is in German, but all I had to do was look at the picture. Heck, I never fully read (looked) at the entire page until just a few minutes ago.  Several months ago, I found the picture, and put it in my inspiration folder.  All I had was the picture, never venturing back to read how to do it. 

What I have found out in the last hour or so, since reading (looking) through the entire page, is that the tree on the page is considerably smaller than the one I have made.  I knew it was called "tree to go".  But never thought about it being so small.

In hindsight, I also like the smaller ones.  To have a small wall space with one tree, or a wall with several small trees would be just as different. ...and I like different. 

It is what it is.  I made mine much larger.  But...I still like.  Actually, I am really diggin it.  I like it so much, that I just might make a tree for every holiday.  The Dollar Tree sells many small trinkets for each holiday.  Plus, it took up a bare spot of the wall.  Win/win.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dress Up Felt Dolls

My youngest granddaughter is 3 years old and she LOVES to play with paper dolls, magnetic dolls and any doll that you can dress and undress and dress and undress and dress and undress.  Get the picture. 

So, I go online via Pinterest looking for easy dolls to make.  I came across these felt dolls.  Yep, I can do this.  Off to Michaels I go for a variety of felt.  Everything else I had. 

I followed the instructions, sort of, making a few adjustments along the way.  Plus, even though I bought sticky felt, as instructed, and read the instructions several times, I couldn't find where or how to use it.  Oh well, added it to my stash.

Here is my felt doll.  I just know she is going to LOVE playing with it.  Maybe, I will cut out one more doll, every girl needs a friend.